Luxury Home Designs

A unified team from design concept to home completion!

When you hire PBG Construction for our luxury home design-build services, this means that we handle your entire project; this includes planning, design, construction plans, budgeting, and construction. The key benefits of this approach is that everyone who is involved are all working together under one roof; from the concept stage to the final phases of building your home. This approach results in a more efficient project plan, better quality control, more accurate and budget-driven estimates, and tighter project schedules. Plus, changes to your home can be implemented more efficiently which means it saves time and costs. It doesn’t matter if you choose semi-custom from one of our amazing stock designs or a completely custom from the ground up design, PBG Construction is there with you every step of the way throughout the entire process.

Visit the Links Below to View Some of Our Semi-Custom Home Designs


Mediterranean Luxury Home

Mediterranean Style Home Designs

Click here to view a sampling of our semi customizable Mediterranean Home Plans.



Roswell Luxury Home

Colonial Style Home Designs

Click here to view a sampling of our semi customizable Colonial Home Plans.


What are the key benefits of using PBG Construction design-build services?

From the first meeting with you to the last drop of paint, we effectively manage all components of your process while staying in ongoing communication with you. Our design-build services are well suited for people who want a soup to nuts approach. Key benefits include:

Accountability & Quality Control

Because we manage your entire project, you have a single point of contact who is accountable to you. Our team is working together cooperatively from the first meeting with you. This eliminates communication failures and conflicts of interest.

Proven, Established Processes

Unplanned changes and unforeseen conditions can be a project coordination nightmare when multiple parties are involved, leading to mistakes, higher costs, and extended time lines. A well-planned project using our streamlined internal processes for addressing change allows efficient change orders and tight cost control.

Speed, Efficiency, & Cost Control

By working together as a single entity, we are able to create more detailed and accurate budgets and construction plans. This means we save you time, money, and stress. We carefully manage your project so that we can deliver it as promised.

Green Building Technology

PBG Construction specializes in high-performance homes and sustainable building practices. Technology and building science is rapidly changing as leaders in this field, we stay on the cutting edge of sustainable building practices to bring you the best products, practices, and suppliers.

Easy Online Project Tracking

We offer a secure, online project website with all of the details of your new home, including weekly digital photo updates and a live webcam. You can easily track construction progress with photos and updates, view the schedule, review and approve change orders and selections, as well as access important documents. The site allows you to communicate with the PBG team and keep track of communication between your family and ours.

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