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JC Solomon

CEP Seven Kings

Jim Comparato

President of Compson Development

David Moyar

President of MEI Hotels

Bert Moyar

CEO of MEI Hotels

Jack Zimmerman

VP City Hotels

Barbara Mullenax

Partner of OPX Global

Steven Polo

Partner of OPX Global

Bill Ensinosa

Partner at CFE Architecture

Art Bennett

First Mt. Vernon Bank

Carl Klepper

VP Compson Development

Tim Osiecki

Vice President Concord Hospitality

Michael Grimaldi

General Motors (Asia)

Richard Dlesk

President (Mail America)

Joe Lubeck

President ADG Development

Dale Pelletier

CFO of Hotels

Jeffery Zane

Zane PA

Juan Linares

RWB Architecture

Stephen Moore

Grand Heritage Int.

Larry Viens

President Sunshine Plumbing Supply

Dave Aiken

VP Rinker Concrete

Ed Valentine

President of MMC, Inc.

Dave Ralicki

Ralicki Inc

Greg Sposito

Deutsch Bank

Dan Mendoza


Client references provided by PBG Construction, L.L.C.